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Our Core Team

The Claim Behind The Best Educational Hub

Since opening our doors, More Score Education has developed and grown, mostly because of our exceptional team. We’re proud of our staaff members' abilities to contribute their unique experience and skills to our continuing success.

Nilanjan Chakrabarty Director Academics

Nilanjan Chakrabarty

Director - Academics

Nilanjan is a Mechanical Engineer from the famous Jadavpur University  and a Physics enthusiast. His love for the subject made him to choose Mehchanical Engineering during his degree course even after getting a rank eligible for Computer Science Engineering, the most sought-after stream. This love for the subject continued and in a few years time, he left his corporate career in Tata Steel and completeley moved to Education domain as a Physics teacher at FIIT-JEE. During his journey as a teacher, he claimed his success by making students not only fall in love with the subject but acquiring top-notch ranks in JEE Main, IITJEE Advance, NEET, WBJEE and what not.

He lives in Kolkata with his wife Reshma, his parents, younger brother and of course his ultimate energy booster Rohil, the God's gifted child. To everyone's surprise, within his hectic schedule, he figures out time to cook some real, specialized and mouth-watering Biriyani for his family, friends and his most beloved students. A person who speaks less, observes more and works for the betterment of the people as a whole.

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Soumak Halder Head Academic Operations

Soumak Halder

Head - Academic Operations

Soumak, the present day Mathemagician, the term being coined by his students at large is extremely experienced, trustworthy and a fun loving person. He comes with the pedigree of the famous institute of India viz. IIT-Madras. He was rare amongst other students as far as choice of career is concerned. His analytical skills made him to choose Mathematics as a subject for study and also as a career even after getting ample choice to join the big corporate houses during his campus interview days. His tenure in FIIT-JEE and later on at Zero Kelvin as a co-founder and also at More Score Education till date, came up with uncounted number of students cracking IIT, NEET, CMI, ISI, WBJEE, KVPY, NSTE, Olympiads and even International exams of repute. The beauty lies, the way he can speak about the exact numbers when being asked for. He loves the game of cricket to such an extent that he even forgets to eat his favourite dishes doing predictive analysis, an advanced level topic from the field of probability and statistics. Numbers make him crazy and he starts doing magic with the same and in no time makes his students also get fall in love with the subject, which brings in the collaborative success as a whole.

He believes in a family of more people staying together and hence, along with his parents, relatives, supporting wife Sulekha, and his lifeline Aishik forms a happy family together. A person worth knowing more and more, his simplicity, his way of making others life better.

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Uttio Putatunda Chief Strategist

Uttio Putatunda

Chief Strategist

Uttio, an Engineer by degree and a serial Entreprenuer by profession. His mind and brain always sync with ideas. His first entrepreneurial journey started at a tender age of 14 with just a strategy in mind and a comparatively better soft skill of the age. He ended up with a profit with an ROI of 300% easily. Similar thing he did during his college days at Karnataka and did not fail. He passed out from the Govt aided college with flying colours and became the youngest candidate to crack the PSU exam with AIR 5 at a single go. But monotony started bothering him to such an extent, that he left the Govt job, joined a PGDM course and finally got recruited at Bentley Systems Inc as a Sales Strategist. It was time for him to showcase his technical as well as strategy building skills. With stupendous growth as observed by the company, he was promoted and been moved to Malaysia heading certain verticals of the company. Life was perfect, but he started feeling the hit of idea implementation at the top management level, hence, one fine morning, he left his corporate jouney and moved back to India with entrepreneurship in mind in the Educational domain. He is the co-founder of Fundamentals First, Mentorlly Eduventures and More Score Education. He is a workafrolic man, mainly works on his proven gut feelings and once convinced, goes extra mile in executing the plan. He never feels lost, though at times he was forced to get pushed to the corner of the wall. He is quite down-to-earth, majorly positive minded and hates the clever ones around.

He has grown up in a joint family, still stays at the same building but in separate apartment along with his father and his loving wife Roshni, the only place where his strategy fails in majority cases. Otherwise, he is intelligent, creative, analytical and a bit finicky in his work environment.

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